What is St. Rita at Marylake?

The St. Rita at Marylake Long-Term Care Home is the first step to improved access to long-term care for residents of King Township. Built on the Augustinian Fathers Marylake campus – which includes the Marylake shrine, Rosary Path, monastery, Villanova College, and 800 acres of picturesque grounds for reflection, retreats, and enjoyment – it has served as a long-term care facility for members of the Order of St. Augustine since the 1950s.

The new home will allow for a revitalization of aging infrastructure and expansion of long-term care services to better serve the needs of King Township’s elderly, and help local families keep their loved ones close to them as they grow older in a sustainable, environmentally responsible setting.

With the support of the King Township community, we can provide a better future for families.

Why Improve LTC in King Township?

A lack of long-term care capacity in our municipality increases health care costs as seniors’ care is being provided in inappropriate settings. This increases stress on seniors, families, and caregivers who are left trying to navigate a complex health care system.

King Township has long been one of the most underserved areas of Ontario for LTC beds for its residents, with only 36 beds available today to serve its population of 27,300 residents. This is one of the lowest ratios of beds per seniors over 85 years of age in the province and the licenses for these beds are set to expire in 2025.

160 new beds will be available for the seniors of King Township when St. Rita at Marylake is completed. Specialized health care services including nurse practitioners on-site, a dedicated dialysis unit, improved chronic disease management and medication management programs, and short-term respite care will also be available – reducing future burden on the municipality’s health care services and improving services for the broader King community.

Protecting the Natural Environment

The planning of St. Rita at Marylake has taken measures to ensure that the project does not harm the local environment. This includes completed studies that have confirmed that the requirements of the Oak Ridges Moraine Plan and the Greenbelt Act will be met, there will be no encroachment on the Greenbelt, and that there will be no adverse impact to the environment as a result of this project.

In consultation with leading ecology and architectural professionals, as well as the Township of King, the Region of York, and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority, the project has prioritized a building design that is vital to improving aging infrastructure that is decaying, energy inefficient, and has failing water and septic systems – protecting the surrounding natural environment and providing a modern, environmentally-responsible long-term care space for the community’s seniors.  

Where are we at with this project

Where are we at with this project

December 2019

Zoning approved by planning department in accordance with Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan

January 2021

Toronto and Region Conservation submits preliminary review

February 2021

Zoning for St. Rita approved at Township of King Council meeting

October 2021

Application for LTC development submitted to provincial government

April 2022

Provincial approval received

June 2022

Site plans completed

December 2022

Site plan application submitted to Township of King Council

August 2023

Approvals and permits issued and received, including approval to construct and funding allocation from provincial government

September 2023

Commencement of construction


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